Anthony Badr

No recipes involved in today’s post. Anthony shares with us his bountiful veggie garden filled with sorrel, broccolis, tomatoes, sweet peas, spinach, cabbage, lettuce and of course his lovely chooks. I had a taste of a bit of everything while photographing the lot – they tasted so sweet and full of flavour.

Growing up in a Lebanese family, Anthony’s Dad always had (and still has) varieties of home grown vegetables in their backyard. Anthony learnt from the best on how to run his own backyard veggie patch. He started the patch 4 years ago and slowly improved the soil over time and added in the irrigation system.

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed his belief in the importance of being able to grow his own food. “It’s a life skill that will be passed onto my kids.”

You can follow Anthony’s veggies garden progress on his Instagram account.

Who Anthony Badr
Home is Sydney
Family origin Lebanese
I can’t live without Mum’s cooking
Occupation Engineering
Dream Job Urban farmer
Currently I’m obsessed with My veggie garden
Childhood taste Mum’s custard
I will always have in my pantry Lebanese bread
I learnt to cook from Mum
Currently I’m listening to ABC Country Breakfast
One day I must visit South America
Go to meal Bizella - Lebanese peas and rice
I am really good at Fishing
My piece of Sydney Port Hacking
Favourite spice Freshly dried mint
Best flavour combo Tomato and garlic
Guilty pleasure Chocolate
Who does the dishes My mate BOSCH
Posted: Aug 6 2020
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